GameTheory is an award-winning, female founded and run, game design and development collective.

We work with clients who have big goals and are looking to create a meaningful change. By leveraging the unique motivational framework that guides game development work, we are able to design products that empower learning, inspire creativity, and build perseverance.



Marguerite Dibble // CEO

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Marguerite founded GameTheory in 2012. She’s an expert in game design, curriculum mapping, and design thinking. Using her experience in behavioral principles, user engagement theories, and respect-based design, she takes creative lead on the projects and collaborations that are at the heart of GameTheory. She’s passionate about diversity in games, and using technology as a positive force in our world.

Marguerite has spoken at many national and international events, including TEDx. She has worked on award-winning game development projects and consults on improving computer science education to increase empathy and diversity.



Shannon Mitchell // COO

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Shannon joined GameTheory in 2016 with a mission to inspire social change, diversity, and sustainability through technology and design. Shannon works with GameTheory’s partners to understand their vision, and create a path for reaching success using expertise in project management, user testing, and agile development processes. Shannon is dedicated to finding new and better ways to collaborate across perspectives, disciplines, and industries to make sure each decision made is the right one for your goal.

Shannon graduated summa cum laude at Champlain College as an Inspiration and McClure Scholar. She teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Game Design at Champlain College, and is an IGDA Mentor for rising game developers across the country.


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Partners and Collaborators

Every project has different needs, which is why we partner with other talented game developers, designers, artists, and strategists to make a product that’s tailored to your vision.

Based on your needs we’ll identify a specialized team for your product that can meet your specific goals and limitations. When working together on a project, our partners become an embedded part of the team for seamless problem solving and collaboration.

All of our partners are leaders in their fields with a track record of quality, specialized expertise, and dedication to sustainability, diversity, and positive change.

Check out some of the awards and recognitions for our partner developers below.

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