If we want to tackle the biggest challenges out there why not make them fun?

GameTheory uses game insights and tools to create enjoyable, affirming, and sustainable behavioral change. We believe that games create exceptional experiences that motivate action, make complex topics more accessible, and drive results, all based on what’s naturally engaging for your unique audience.




Change Behaviors, Increase Usability
 We make change feel fun. Our games and apps put health goals into an accessible package that invites action and cleanly organizes data.


Train Workforces, Educate Students
We make learning fun. Our EdTech games provide highly engaging active learning that creates lasting, measurable results.


Activate Empathy, Inspire Action
We bring issues to life. Games make abstract challenges tangible, driving empathy and providing clear paths to take action.


Strategy Consulting

Creating an app or a game is not always the answer.

Our motivational profiling model provides unique insights into your audience and identifies the most relevant gaming techniques to capture and hold their attention.

Building on this understanding, we will work with you to construct game-inspired solutions to your challenges.