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Who is GameTheory

GameTheory is a development and consulting firm specializing in the use of game tools to create enjoyable, affirming, and sustainable behavioral change. We believe that game design provides the tools to create exceptional experiences that motivate action based on what’s naturally engaging and exciting for users and audiences.

We work with clients who have big goals and are looking to create a meaningful change. By leveraging the unique motivational framework that guides game development work, we are able to design a strategy based on natural inclination over demanding interaction.

Engineering Fun

By focusing on natural inclinations instead of demanding interactions, your clients will engage with your product because they want to, not because they have to.

Iterative Design

Test early, test often. We pride ourselves on our action-oriented approach and we’re driven to seek feedback early in the process and regularly.

Targeted Appeal

Drawing on user type insights from game development strategy, we help you identify your target market and create a product they will want to use.

Game Development

Building games to make behavioral change for mobile devices, the web, and desktops.

Training Games | Educational Games | Social Change Games

Motivational Strategies

Helping you craft game-design based and demographically driven motivation for your audience.

Marketing | Energy Sector | Healthcare

Why Use Games?

Games have a wide appeal that tap into our foundational psychology. By looking through the lens of games we can understand what makes us tick as humans and how to push ourselves to new action and understanding.

of Americans play 4+ hours of games per week

Did you know…

Did you know that more people over 50 player more games than those under 18?

People 50+


People <18


Did you know that women over eighteen make up twice the number of game players as boys under eighteen?

Women >18


Boys <18


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