How We Work.

GameTheory is all about creating big change through playful environments. To solve big problems you have to design with your audience in mind and test early and often. Our agile workflow lets us evolve projects to ensure the best results for our clients.


Discovery & Design

We begin all projects with Discovery. We build a foundational understanding of your goals, your audience, and the tools we can use to produce powerful solutions. 

In Design we create a living, nimble mockup of your application that allows us to quickly iterate and test the design with you. 

RESULT: A living demo of your app that you can click through and experience: a great spec for full development and an integral tool for demonstrating value to investors, or your audience. 



We take the results of Discovery & Design and construct the full application.

GameTheory uses a flexible development kit that lets us build for multiple platforms at once: mobile, web, PCs, etc. We believe in testing early and often, building a first version of your app within a few weeks to get it in your hands and out to testers as soon as possible. 

RESULT: A innovative application ready to solve your challenges with your audience.


How does this process work for our clients?

The team has been amazing to work with. I was very impressed with their ability to see what I wanted to accomplish, then work with me every step of the way to make it a reality.
— Greenback Labs
They deeply understand the project and what we’re trying to accomplish. It feels like you’re talking in the same language.
— Lizzy Pope, University of Vermont
GameTheory is a team that delivers creative and design driven but is also super tight in process and delivery. This has been an extremely positive experience for us.
— ThinkMD

We'd love to get the process started with you. Let us know what you're thinking.