A VR-game built in Unity in 2017 for a Neuroscience Game Jam

Marco is a game that the team created for a VR Game Jam hosted by Games for Change over the summer of 2017. We were very excited to spend a weekend partnered with neuroscientists finding a way to use a game to address a real-world research challenge.


The game we created was focused on a mother whale finding her baby whale with sound a visual cues. It was created as a way to help neuroscientists to assess individual's Top-Down processing, or their ability to filter information quickly to get key information and solve a problem. Players had to filter out distracting sounds, sights, and sensations to complete the challenge and find the baby whale.

We completed the game in 24 hours and Marco was selected as the winner of the BrainJam!


Want to Learn More?

Check out this post about us creating Marco and our experiece at the BrainJam.