Complexities of GerryMandering made simple.

The Challenge

We wanted to make a simple game that made Gerry Madnering and easy to understand issue. 


The Team at GameTheory decided to tackle and internal project that it is still in progress.

We wanted to make a game that communicated how GerryMandering works in a simple and clear way.

The game would be made fast and easy to be a demo piece on the power that games have to explain complex topics and issues. 

The Audience: Anyone!

The Goal: Explain the complexities of Gerrymandering with a simple game.


The Process

We started by prototyping how the mechanic could work and landed on a simple grid-based puzzle game.

We prototyped with paper, and had a working initial version with a day that would could start to iterate on.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.57.55 PM.png

We built out some initial levels and some basic UI to test the concept over the netx week. The game worked well! But needed improvement. Another fun idea was that it could be played infinietly, so we started working on random level generation. This way the levels could build themselves and let people play for as long as they liked.

We are currently still iterating on the game. Our goal is to release it soon with an HTML5 version so it can easily be shared by many.

Stay tuned! Updates on the way as we make progress!



The Results

We're still working on it! Stay tuned soon to play the game.