Leveling Up Teen Fitness and Healthy Sleep

The Challenge

Camp Conquer is a grant funded game project that motivates high school students to be more physically active.


Nationally, high school students rarely hit the recommended daily activity targets required to provide the best health outcomes. The goal of Camp Conquer was to invent a game to encourage more physical activity within a student population using step tracking mechanisms and in-game rewards. This project is grant funded and being created in collaboration with the University of Vermont and their Nutrition and Fitness faculty.

The Audience: High school students.

The Goal: Increase the likelihood of students meeting daily fitness targets through relevant game design.


The Process

We began our process by analyzing the target demographic and identifying some common concepts that trends show are most appealing through focus groups and market research: a pick-up, put-down gameplay style, customizing identity, team work and competition.

Based on this analysis we created a number of different game ideas that we took to voting focus groups within local high school groups. We had the groups vote on art styles and game ideas and ended on a concept that was inspired by a school-wide dodgeball tournament that had been highlight of the year for many students.


The game concept that was finalized involves getting gold coins based on the number of steps you take, then using those coins to buy water balloons you bring to a digital full-school water balloon fight. The entire school is divided into two teams, red and blue. Players position their character on a map before the battle, a character that is customizable, engaging the identity appeal for this demographic. After the battle one team will have won in a digital capture the flag style challenge. The team scores are tallied over the month to see who has won overall at the end of a larger period to make it feel tournament style. If you win you get more resources you can use to customize your character and make them stronger.

The game beta will be rolled out for school-wide testing this fall.

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