Looking Ahead to "Central Bark"


Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for celebrating the launch of Poppa Finch and announcement of Central Bark with us last week. We’ve spent the time since then putting the finishing touches on the game, and we can’t wait until it’s out for all of you to play!

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 12.11.17 PM.png

We’ve received our first piece of press on the game! Thank you so much to Jessica Lachenal for meeting up with us during GDC and getting a first look at Central Bark. You should definitely check out the article to learn more about the project, and get a peak via some screencaps from the actual game! We’re also really enjoying the comments on the piece, we hope to see more like this in the coming weeks!!


Did that article leave you hungry for more? We’re going to be rolling out little profiles on some of the dogs you can meet in Central Bark on our Twitter in the next few weeks leading up to May 16th. There’s a wide range of types of dogs with lots of different personalities, though of course we’re going to keep a lot of them a secret so as not to ruin all the surprises. Please follow us to get in on the fun!


Well, it’s back to work for us for now. Talk to you later!

Marguerite Dibble