Announcing Marco!

It’s time to reveal the final project in our showcase series. This project is the most recent one of the three, and one we are very proud of. Presenting… Marco!

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 11.27.35 AM (1).png

In the summer of 2017, we participated in a game jam hosted by our friends, Games for Change. The challenge was as follows: Partner with a neuroscientist to create a VR game that addresses a real-world research challenge.

Marco was the result of this challenge! We were partnered with Leanne Chukoskie, and Patrick Beukema, as out neuroscientist partners. You play the game as a mother whale who seeks out her child by using visual cues, hence the name! We sought to make something that was visually pleasing and enjoyable to interact with that helps neuroscientists assess an individual’s ability to filter information quickly to figure out what they need to solve a problem.


We completed the game jam in 48 hours, and Marco ended up being selected as the winner! We think it’s a wonderful example of our ability to work with a client to create a project, create something that is enjoyable to play, and gain the respect of our community. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about the project in coming weeks. We’ve been really looking forward to being able to share it with you!  

Marguerite Dibble