Introducing… Poppa Finch!

If you’ve been following along since the first episode of our podcast, you may recall that while GameTheory’s focus is on client work and games that better people’s lives, are roots are in creating games that are purely for entertainment. Over the course of the past few months we’ve mentioned repeatedly that an important part of our process is participating in exercises that help make sure our socially-conscious games are still enjoyable to engage with. GerryMander and Marco both reflected that process, as examples of both an internal exercise and a collaborative effort.

But what about when we’re practicing making something that’s purely about play? What about when we want to keep our game design skills sharp, show tribute to the kind of work that inspires us, but it doesn’t really fit in with our other professional work.


Our solution is this: We’ve created a sub-label to feature our entertainment-focused projects: Poppa Finch! Poppa Finch, will be a subsection on our projects website where we showcase work that’s a bit more playful than our usual GameTheory work. It’s important to us to stay organized and keep everything under the umbrella of our main brand identity while allowing ourselves to have a little more freedom to express ourselves differently and explore pure entertainment games.

With the main introduction out of the way, we have something very exciting to announce… Our very first Poppa Finch title! Central Bark, an idle game for mobile inspired by collection games like Neko Atsume, will be coming to iOS and Android on May 16th! If you’ve caught us at GDC or PAXEast you already sort of knew what was coming, and we’re very excited to be able to say something about it officially! Speaking of that, if you’ll be at A MAZE in Berlin this weekend go find EMi! She has so many Central Bark stickers to share with you all that will give you an introduction to some of the residents of Central Bark.

We’re so excited about the launch of the Poppa Finch sub-label, and Central Bark’s upcoming release. We hope you’ll support us in these coming weeks.

Talk to you all again soon!

Marguerite Dibble