Podcast: Episode 02 - Let's Mander!

We’re coming to the finale of our posting for GerryMander, but we’re aiming to end in the best way… with Episode 2 of our podcast!

This week Marguerite and Shannon were joined by GameThory’s own lead designer John Watson. The trio tells the story of how GerryMander came to be, things they learned along the way, what’s with all the lizards, and we explore the actual issue of gerrymandering, its history, and its impact.

Also, when EMi received the initial audio file, the team had left in some bird noises they were making for…. Well, we’ll tell you more about that later. But for now, enjoy this bonus content!

We really appreciate all of you who have played and shared GerryMander. We’ve especially enjoyed seeing all your kind responses to the game! We hope you’ll enjoy our next project reveal when we publish it next week. See you all then!

Marguerite Dibble