Making MedSinc - CaseStudy and Pocast!

Hey all, we’re back after a really hectic week at GDC!

We want to keep our posting schedule rolling along though, so we’re ending the week with a bang: two pieces of content related to Medsinc for the price of one!!

First up, we have the associated case study with all of you! Because of the app’s subject matter and implementation, we had a lot to share, particularly the steps we take when we’re working with others.

It has more details and insights into our process than our GerryMander case study, plus its full of photos and visuals from the application itself. We explore and explain our focus and flow, what went into designing the visuals for the app, and how we brought gamey elements to a project that didn’t focus on play.

Additionally, here’s the latest episode of our podcast! This time, Marguerite and Shannon are joined by Barry, the Founder of ThinkMD. They talk about ThinkMD’s mission, the technological limitations that lead to the app’s innovative production, how the team used simple visuals to communicate complicated information, and the success of using the language of games to create something that wasn’t focused on play.

We’d also like to remind you that because the project’s focus was medical in nature, we do discuss health, bodies, illness, and death in both these pieces. If any of those subjects are difficult for you, please sit this one out! We like sharing our work with you, but it’s also important to us that you take care of yourselves.

Thank you for supporting Medsinc all month! We’ll be back again next week with the final reveal from our project history. We’re really looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Marguerite Dibble