Introducing MedSinc!

It’s time to showcase a fresh new project. Introducing… MedSinc!

While GerryMander was something we did on our own, MedSinc is an app we produced in collaboration with another company . Accessibility and making things easy to use by the people who need them more are things that are very important to us. There’s so much opportunity in healthcare to use technology to improve people’s lives just by making healthcare easier to access. We were so happy to be able to make a product we’re really proud of about something we really care about!


While this project isn’t a game the way our work often is, we were still able to incorporate all the elements that we bring to our playful projects: great visuals, interactivity, and careful research to make a project that is both effortless to use and accomplishes its goals. While it has been available for some time, we’re very pleased to be able to now feature it on our website.

You can learn more about the app on its project page, however we do have a content warning! Because this is an app that deals with health, there is imagery related to medical situations and bodies, there’s nothing gorey, just content that’s medical in nature.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about MedSinc in the coming weeks. A case study and podcast are on their way, so stayed tuned!

Marguerite Dibble