Making Gerrymander

Last week we shared GerryMander with all of you. We’ve hoped you had fun playing and teaching your friends about the issue!

But, we aren’t quite done talking about the project yet. As some of you have already learned from listening to our podcast, many of us on the GameTheory really enjoy learning in depth about the issues our games focus on. We’ve internalized that into our company culture, and we really enjoy the chance to go into the details. Each time we roll out a project, in addition to our blogs and project overview, we intend to take a deep dive into our process with light case study profiles. They’ll be longer reads and often more technically focused with the goal of being transparent about our process and what our collaboration process looks like. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about who we are, how we work, and what it’s like to hire us.


In the case of GerryMander, our goal was to teach you all more about why we wanted to make the game. We wrote about where the initial inspiration for the game came from, how we decided to use a puzzle game as a way to learn, as well as the limitations and tools we had available to our team while bringing it to life. Plus we talk about our little ‘mander, Gerry’s, creation!

Marguerite Dibble