Announcing Gerrymander!

Presenting… GerryMander!


Now that we’ve relaunched our website, introduced our blog, and rolled out our new podcast, it’s time to start filling in those mysterious gray squares on our front page. While all of the projects we present there were actually completed in the past, we’re excited to finally have a great place to show them off. And, now that they’re here, we’re going to start sharing them all with you more in the coming weeks.

We’re starting with a recent project, GerryMander. This was a quick game we put together after stressing out about the supreme court case on the issue. We wanted to make something simple that helped people understand what Gerrymandering was in a clear and concise way, but we also wanted to show we could make an enjoyable game out of a complicated issue While it may be simple, we think we were able to accomplish both tasks! We also wanted to be sure the game could be used by others; by creating it in HTML5 anyone who wants to talk about Gerrymandering can embed a simple few lines of code into an article or a website to help others understand how it all works.


This was a really great exercise for our team for many reasons. We couldn’t resist the chance to let our artist Brook draw us a cute mascot, particularly because we had such a great pun close at hand. We can’t help it, we love a good pun. It also gave us the opportunity to put something that’s very important to our mission into practice. We like to work fast when working with clients, having a testable game as soon as possible that we can improve on and work with over time. GerryMander helped us practice making something small, focused, and playable really quickly, and had the added bonus of addressing an issue we care about.

We hope you’ll give GerryMander a try, and share it with the folks in your life who are interested in learning more about the practice! Fair warning though, some of those puzzles get pretty tricky as you get further into the game.

Marguerite Dibble