Podcast: Episode 01 - Welcome to GameTheory

Here’s another new thing we’re doing alongside our website relaunch… a podcast!

When EMi first came on board, she of course spent a lot of time getting to know Marguerite, asking questions about the company. As she sat down with the rest of the team to get everything organized for GameTheory’s new presence, she knew it’d be good to have those kinds of conversations again so that everyone could get to know the company’s mission the way she had. In an attempt to make things easier on her poor memory, she had the bright idea to record the whole thing this time. At the end of this galaxy brain arc the team realized: We can make a podcast and share all that goodness directly with you!

We’re proud to reveal the first episode of the GameTheory podcast! We plan to keep things short and simple for now, with episodes of around half an hour and bi-weekly. We’re aspiring to have all kinds of guests, ranging from collaborators on our projects, to the people who inspire us. We hope to talk to people from a wide range of communities so you all can learn a little bit more about all the places we learn from.

In our first episode, EMi is joined by Marguerite and Shannon to give you a better introduction to what GameTheory is all about. They talk about the history of the company, projects they’ve worked on, and friends they’ve made along the way. We hope you enjoy our first attempt at podcasting, and learning more about us!

Marguerite Dibble