Welcome to Our New Website!

If you peeked at our page recently, you may have already noticed that we quietly made a bunch of changes to how we present ourselves. We recently hired EMiSpicer to help support our public presence, and on the 23rd she joined Marguerite and Shannon to give our site a fresh coat of paint.

When we work with clients, we put a strong emphasis on iterating and adapting to make the best game experiences we possibly can, and we wanted to apply that to ourselves too. We had a strong foundation already thanks to the hard work of Emily Piper, and now we’ve taken another step towards telling you all more about who we are.


You’ll notice this design has more color, details about us and how we work, plus… well, a lot of mysterious (and silly) gray spots. Our plan is to put a stronger emphasis on the work we’ve accomplished and the steps we’ve taken to get there. We’re putting a lot of care into the presentation, and we’ll be rolling out all kinds of goodies in the coming weeks.

While many of these projects were completed some time ago, we never really gave them a proper launch. Our new website format is set up to give them the proper showcase they always deserved. This new way of showing them off will serve as practice as we finish up some of the other fun stuff we have in the works, so please be sure to let us know what you had fun with and what we can be doing better.

Besides having this cool new blog space to tell you about our work using complete sentences, we’re going to be a lot more active on our social media accounts. So please follow along on Twitter and Facebook! We’ll be posting all the latest about what we’re up to, what’s new on our fresh new website, and projects that inspire us.

We’re having a lot of fun getting this all ready for you. We hope you’ll have fun too.

Marguerite Dibble