Who We Are

We're a team of designers, developers, and problem solvers building game powered solutions for a brighter future. We take the big problems and use game methodology to provide you with innovative and uniquely powerful results.


GameTheory was founded by Marguerite Dibble in 2011 in her Junior year of college. She and a small team of fellow Game Development students dove in directly after graduation, building products and forging a future for the company.

GameTheory began as an entertainment game development firm, first creating the game Loc, then creating the critically acclaimed game Pathogen which won awards nationally and internationally. The team enjoyed making entertainment games, but knew the power of games firsthand and wanted to reach further. GameTheory pivoted to focus on bringing games outside of the entertainment space and into other industries to drive change and meet goals using the power of fun and engagement.

Currently GameTheory works with clients across the US and internationally, creating games in a wide range of fields while partnering with some of the largest companies and groups in the US. GameTheory's CEO Marguerite Dibble delivered a TEDx Talk, and continues to give many talks and keynotes nationally and internationally on the power of games and the change they can inspire.

We continue to grow our team in Burlington at our offices in the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, striving towards a better future using the tools and power that games provide.


How We Work


Next Level User Experiences

User experience has changed, and is constantly evolving. You have to be creating optimal experiences across media: mobile, web, and even Virtual Reality. We're ready to meet that challenge with you!


Empathy First

We design solutions that truly work for your audiences because they consider Empathy First. We don't design what you think you need, we design the experience your audience really craves.


Deeper Demographics

Data resources let us identify deeper level demographic trends: who interacts with what media and why?  By understanding these demographics we can make more successful products no matter your audience.



Our first step, Discovery, is where we work with you to learn about the issue you want to tackle using games. We have a series of meetings and workshops to nail down the goals of the project, the target audience who will make use of it, and the platforms and tools we have to work with. 



Once we know what we need to accomplish and with whom, we dive into Design. This is where we create the look and feel of the entire application. We mockup the app as a mini-prototype, a simple version that you can tap and move through just like the real thing. This ensures it's easy to critique and iterate on by letting you, us, and testers get hands on with something that feels like the real deal.  



We use a flexible development kit that lets us build for multiple platforms at once: mobile, web, computers, VR, or console. Because we've already tested early and often, building a first version of your app within a few weeks becomes a streamlined and efficient process. We'll work with you to iterate on the app, testing new versions weekly until it's ready to go. 


Curious to learn more? Check out our talks and press coverage.


Sound good? Reach out and tell us more about what you'd like to make together. 


Meet the Team.


Marguerite Dibble

CEO / Founder


Shannon Mitchell

COO / Project Manager


Matt Brand

Senior Developer


Michael Hopke

Senior Developer


Brook Chipman

Lead Artist


Emi Spicer

Social & Biz Dev


John Watson

Lead Designer 


Megan McAvoy

Art Intern


Meghan Willis

Art Intern