What is a Game Jam? A game jam is when a bunch of people spend a set amount of time making games all around the same prompt or theme, alone or in small teams.

Cool. So, how's this going down?

  • Fill out THIS FORM to let us know you want to jam. Teams can be 1-4 members.
  • Join us at our co-working space at 266 Main St. in Burlington VT, from 4PM Friday the 5th through 4PM Sunday the 7th.
  • May 7th from 6-8PM the games made at GameJam will be demoed at our Game Jam awards party @Hotel VT, Burlington, VT. There people can check out the games and vote for their favorites. At 7:45PM we will close the voting boxes, count the votes, and reward the winning game
  • The winning team gets $500 in prize money. There will be four $100 prizes awarded for Best Tech, Best Design, Best Art, and Best Programming. You MUST be at the Award Party in order to receive the award.

What if I don't have any VR equipment? Right, so most people don't have their own VR equipment. That's totally fine. If you need VR equipment, let us know on the registration form. We'll try our best to provide equipment to as many teams as possible.

What if I have extra VR equipment that I can share? That's awesome! Please email Shannon at shannon@gametheoryco.com with what equipment you have available. 

So to sum it all up...

  • WHERE:  @ 266 Main Street, Burlington VT - Party and Awards @ Hotel VT, Burlington, VT, Burlington VT
  • WHEN: @ 4PM Friday May 5th through 4PM Sunday May 7th - Party and Awards @ 6-8PM Sunday May 7th.
  • PRIZES: Best Game wins $500. Best Design, Best Innovation, Best Art, and Best Tech win $100 each respectively. Votes from the public count for 50% of your score, votes from fellow Jammers count for the other 50%, we count the total scores to pick the winner. 
  • FOOD: We will have snacks around the workspace and have pizza for dinner in the evening on the 5th and 6th at 6PM and other food for lunch on the 6th and 7th at 12PM!
  • FYI: We have a zero tolerance harassment policy. If your conduct is making others feel uncomfortable or unsafe you'll be asked to leave.

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Event Schedule
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First time developing in VR? Here are some resources to get you started.