The Challenge


Our client wanted to create a game that would make stock trading feel accessible and fun for a casual mobile gaming audience.

Stock trading can feel complicated and inaccessible to those outside the financial world, but Greenback Labs had a vision for how to communicate this complexity in a fun and engaging way. They wanted to translate the diverse mechanics that go into trading into an addictive experience that was easy to learn but difficult to master. By creating memorable experiences and incorporating rewarding gameplay into the learning experience, sophisticated concepts and terminology could be better understood and internalized and occur in a way that feels natural and fun.

The Audience: Casual mobile game players ages 10-20

The Goal: Make the concepts of stock trading simple to understand within the game and fun to explore and learn more about.

The Process

We started with our Discovery phase, working with the initial concepts Greenback Labs had put together on how we could translate trading stocks into an addictive mobile mechanic. Working in collaborative brainstorming sessions, we gathered a deeper understanding of the client's goals and target audience. From this session GameTheory had enough insight to start designing a game.

The Design phase of this project involved creating simple prototypes, user interface designs, and concept art. By reviewing regularly with the client and testing the game ideas right on the platform early and often, we were able to cement a direction and start development.

With our agile Development phase, we provided the client with weekly versions of the game to play and get a feel for. Over a period of six months we built, tested, and critiqued the game, adding features where they made sense based on our experiences playing, and removing or adjusting others. We added reward systems to encourage learning, achievements, and monetization methods.

Balance of Game Tools


The Results

Trading Day has been released as an initial version on the iOS AppStore! You can download and play it today. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

We are currently working on expanding the game before Greenback Labs does a marketing push, by adding features to make it more shareable between friends and allowing for online competition.