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The rich motivational landscape that game designers have evolved over time provides fertile ground for changing behaviors and prejudices. The act of play, and the experiences of fun, open the mind in powerful ways to new ideas and methods of thinking. Game designers have known this and profited from this for decades. More recently researchers have begun to realize the applicability of game design tools to solve real world problems.

GameTheory evolved to specialize in serious games, building on a sincere desire to effect positive change through a medium that resonates particularly well with some of the most difficult demographics to communicate with, such as millennials. Armed with a unique motivational framework and experience with grants and non-profits, GameTheory is eager and willing to tackle even the most difficult problems of our lifetime.

“Modern day video games use sophisticated psychology and neurochemistry to determine what motivates players and keeps them coming back for more.

Now other businesses are borrowing a page from the video gaming playbook and engineering gaming methods and design concepts into everything from consumer apps to employee programs”

- The Guardian, 2014


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We wanted a team that could be both creative and design driven but also super tight in process and delivery. GameTheory was very, very professional on timelines. We had high confidence that they would not only have incredible designs but also deliver on time. This has been an extremely positive experience for us.
— Nick Donowitz, ThinkMD