The Challenge


Our client wanted a fun and engaging platform that could be leveraged as a philanthropic mechanism for charities and non-profits.

We needed to create a game that was fun, addictive, and incorporated the fun and appeal of penguins jumping onto icebergs within a casual mobile concept. This could in turn be altered and adjusted to fit a variety of purposes including donations for animal protection programs or other such groups.

The Audience: Casual mobile players of all ages, similar audience to Fruit Ninja.

The Goal: Make a game that centers around quick, simple, and addictive mechanics with penguins as a central focus.

The Process

This was a very fast development process. The end goal for the game wasn't to create a fully integrated experience but rather provide a fun themed game that could then be inserted into campaigns. We prototyped the mechanics in two one-week agile development sprints, then started to build out the game with a variety of different approaches for the physics behind the "tossing" with the penguins, how the players can lose the game, how the game gets more difficult over time, and different level structures.

We continued to iterate on the mechanic with new versions every week for two months, finally adding in polish and effects to create an appealing final prototype.

Balance of Game Tools


The Results

Penguin Plunge was created as an engaging prototype that could be repurposed for integrating into a campaign in the future. Our client is still exploring the best platforms and opportunities for the game.