We make change feel fun.

Our games and apps put health goals into an accessible package that invites action and cleanly organizes data.

Tricky problems require creative solutions. The GameTheory team has deep experience in designing for all demographics, from illiterate users in the third world to the elderly in the US. Each demographic responds to different motivational devices, and the GameTheory motivational model ensures that the target audience has a customized, engaging, and enjoyable experience.


"DevHub acted on gamification recommendations to boost the number of projects completed and 'watched in awe' as the percentage of users who finished their sites shot up from 10% to 80%."  

- Forbes, ‘The Gamification of Education


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GameTheory has a deep understanding of the project and what we’re trying to accomplish. They comfortably handle the technology side, even when there are curveballs. GameTheory has taken that in stride, staying on schedule. It feels like you’re talking in the same language.
— Lizzy Pope, Camp Conquer