Hey everyone - GameTheory is doing another 24 Hour Fall GameJam this year! We're excited to be able to share space with VCET this year.

What is a Game Jam? A game jam is when a bunch of people spend a set amount of time making games all around the same prompt or theme, alone or in small teams.

Cool. So, how's this go down?

  • Fill out THIS FORM to let us know you want to jam. Teams can be 1-4 members.
  • Let us know in the form if you want special equipment. We will do our best to try and provide workspaces and hardware.
  • Join us at our co-working space at 266 Main St. in Burlington VT, from 3PM Friday the 14th through 3PM Saturday the 15th.
  • The event space at 266 Main St. closes at 10:30 PM on Friday, and reopens at 9 AM on Saturday.
  • After we finish the games we'll all show them off at 3PM Saturday but the winner is yet to come...
  • October 21st from 5-7PM the games made at GameJam can host play sessions for the public at Vermont TechJam @ Champlain Valley Expo, Essex Junction, VT. At 6:45 we will close the voting boxes, count the votes, and reward the winning game $500 in prize money. You MUST be at the TechJam demo space in order to get the award.

So to sum it all up...

  • WHERE:  @ 266 Main Street, Burlington VT - Voting and Awards @ Champlain Valley Expo, Essex Junction
  • WHEN: @ 3PM Friday Oct. 14th through 3PM Saturday Oct. 15th - Voting and Awards @ 5-7PM Friday Oct. 21st
  • PRIZES: Best Game wins $500. Votes from the public count for 50% of your score, votes from fellow Jammers count for the other 50%, we count the total scores to pick the winner.
  • FOOD: We will have snacks around the workspace and have pizza for dinner in the evening on the 14th at 6PM and for lunch on the 15th at 12PM!
  • FYI: We have a zero tolerance harassment policy. If your conduct is making others feel uncomfortable or unsafe you'll be asked to leave.

Still got Questions?

  • Can I jam from home? Yes but you'll have to bring your game in at the end of the Jam on the 15th so hackVT participants can play / vote AND on the 21st to TechJam so those attendees can play and vote.
  • Can I bring my machine? Yes! Bring whatever hardware you want and you can set it up in the space.
  • Can I use one of your machines? If you let us know what you'll need to work on your game, we'll do our best to provide you with a workspace.
  • Can I jam as a team of just me? Totally. You can make a game by yourself if you'd like. If you're looking for more team mates, try asking the VT Game Developers group if anyone wants to join, or you can try Champlain College's local IGDA chapter (CCGDA). 
  • Do I have to stay for the full time? Nope. We will be heading home around 10:30 PM on Friday. Remember, rest is important.
  • Okay but what if I want to stay the whole 24 hours? Unfortunately VCET will only be open until 10:30 PM on Friday, but you're welcome to jam remotely in the late hours! VCET reopens at 9 AM on Saturday for the remainder of the the jam.