The Challenge


FitStop wanted to motivate people to use their product line of easy, low impact in-office fitness tools.

FitStop provides a simple exercise platform for use within offices during the day. Users can take a few minutes to use this device, stretch their bodies, and combat the "sitting disease" where many office workers go all day without moving actively. To promote the use of this device FitStop wanted to create a gamified mobile app that could drive usage. 

The Audience: 25-45 year olds office workers who don't typically "work out".

The Goal: Inspire office workers to engage in a small amount of physical activity daily with FitStop.

The Process

We started by getting a better understanding of the FitStop product and their goals relating to the app that would push usage. Based on that understanding we conceived several game-based mechanisms we could add to an app that would make it more appealing to users:

Friends and Competition: You can challenge friends to match your number of FitStop sessions and send them encouragement and "pushes" through the app to do so.

Office-wide Games: We made a simple "tug of war" style game that collects the number of sessions, divides the office into two teams, red and blue, and for 48 hours the teams compete to see who can get more points through usage.

Rewards and Levels: We created a point system that could connect with the sessions, giving people points for good actions like using FitStop but also for encouraging friends or winning games. Those points helped players earn new user levels, such as "starter" or "master" with their own unique badges.

Balance of Game Tools


The Results

FitStop is being used by offices all over the world in at least three languages! You can learn more about FitStop and their service through their website. CHECK IT OUT HERE.